Great branding starts with a great story

Know your story

and make your story known.

Founder of Revlon, Charles Revson, once said, "In the factory, Revlon makes cosmetics. But in the store, it sells hope." At Huebner, we help companies discover their customers’ greatest aspirations and then identify the attributes that set their brand apart. For some, it’s being the low-price leader. For others, it’s being the fastest, the most dependable or the strongest. Our brand development process not only delivers the elements of a good brand story, but we roll out the brand with a comprehensive marketing plan, complete with positioning strategies, tagline, collateral and digital strategies that tie your story together.

STAT: 64%

say shared values strengthen their relationship with a brand.

Research shows a good brand story … Is one of the most effective means of persuasion

Our brand story development process begins with an AIM Report™, and it's based heavily on employee, customer, supplier, and dealer interviews, as well as competitor research, business analysis, and factory tours. This report provides the foundation we need to better understand how your brand truly stands apart. The result — a host of deliverables, including archetypes, brand attributes, company tagline, and positioning statement to bring it all together.

STAT: 93%

of CMOs say they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI. An annual marketing strategy will help.

Developing your company's marketing strategy Your monthly/quarterly/annual company marketing plan

Part of storytelling is the actual telling. Using our proprietary Blueprint 365™ process, we identify and align your business objectives with your brand to create a company marketing plan that rolls out a domino effect of strategies to tell your story and ultimately grow your business.

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